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Will Your Employer Accept Online Degrees

People work towards a degree to enhance career opportunities. An advanced education opens the door to a chosen career field or advancement in an existing career. The primary reason for the time investment and expense is based in the workforce. Earning an online degree is the key to a better life for most people. The key only fits if the employer does not change the locks.

The decision to earn an online degree normally is based on employment status, inability to time off to return to school, and young children in the family. Online degrees provide an opportunity to further education without having to make supreme sacrifices. While employers may recognize that the working person needs to maintain income while attaining a degree, many do not acknowledge an online degree as valuable asset. There is still a stigma attached to correspondence classes, despite the fact that online education is becoming more mainstream. Older employers may reject the notion of earning a degree on the Internet. However, many of these same employers also reject the entire notion of the Internet as viable in the workforce and academic arena.

More progressive employers who recognize the fact that more than 80 percent of Americans are online and that the Internet usage has changed the way of life are gradually replacing these employers. Employers are now watching the shift in the educational value of online graduates filling employment positions in the off line world. Ten years ago this concept did not exist. The trend has begun moving towards online academic programs, which are being weighed by potential students based on the need for quickness and convenience. The Internet and online education provides a means to reaching a positive outcome.

Some employers dislike the idea of online degrees because they buck the norm. An employer can find out just as much about a candidate who attends an online school as those who attend an off line school. Anyone with an online degree should prepare themselves for questions that will most likely be asked regarding the degree on their job interview. They should be prepared to answer why they chose to attend an online education program instead of a traditional program. However, your poise and confidence at the job interview will be more important than where you earned your degree. Choosing a larger and well-known online college or university will remove doubts in the mind of a future employer.

Chances are that other applicants have applied for a position based on a degree obtained through an online educational program. Employers may be more familiar with the larger institutions than smaller ones, which is a reason why many students pick well-known online educational facilities such as the University of Phoenix or Capella University. These universities are known in the workplace and are not questioned as viable educational institutions. Once your foot is in the door and an interview has been scheduled, be prepared to answer questions about choosing to earn a degree through an online program. The answer is that you wanted to keep your full time job and take care of your children.

While employers like candidates with degrees in the field workplace, employers also value candidates that are hard workers with a strong achievement goal.

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