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Recent Vase art works by various designers and artists

These are recent vase glass artworks by various artists. These are beautiful artworks.

Art of buying arts

Trends are for suckers; beauty is where you find it, and respect for the craft is a must.

Art is a personal thing. Sometimes you buy a painting because it will look great on your wall and matches the couch perfectly. Maybe those earrings are just too pretty to pass up.

Or maybe there's something about that drawing that just speaks to you.

Buying Glass arts

nlike most earlier glass, the value of art nouveau or art deco glass is dependent largely on its maker or designer. This was the heyday of influential glass makers such as Emile Gallé, Daum and Lalique in France, and Louis Comfort Tiffany in America.

All named glass is widely collected, and the best pieces are very expensive, but you can still find unmarked pieces or smaller objects for relatively modest prices.

The discovery of glass and revolution of glass art
Natural glass has existed since the beginnings of time, formed when certain types of rocks melt as a result of high-temperature phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes or the impact of meteorites, and then cool and solidify rapidly. Stone-age man is believed to have used cutting tools made of obsidian (a natural glass of volcanic origin also known as hyalopsite, Iceland agate, or mountain mahogany) and tektites (naturally-formed glasses of extraterrestrial or other origin, also referred to as obsidianites).

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