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German Adverbs Made Simple

Well you want to know more about German adverbs do you? Good, because I want to help you learn more about them. The German language has many different reasons for using them. So let us quickly try to remember from grade school what an adverb is? Do you recall what it is? An adverb is basically a helper of a verb. Now, that is a pretty general statement of what exactly an adverb does, but you get the idea.

Adverbs and directions go hand in hand with the German language. No matter where you go or what you learn, you will always see adverbs associated with giving directions or just directions in general. So I thought that this would be a good place to start. Why would I want to start teaching about German adverbs using directions though? Well most people who are interested in learning the German language are either planning to travel there, or use it fluently. One of the main points in communication is travel.

So you definitely need to know how to ask for directions. German has different meanings for different words. Things in German may have a ridiculous translation if you converted it to English.

It may come out sounding funny or just plain stupid. Do not try to decipher the language word for word when speaking. Just learn the basic rules of German words and you will not sound dumb when asking for directions. The word wohin is used when talking about motion and direction.

The word wo is used when asking for locations. You must memorize these otherwise any native born German would laugh at you. Now you may understand or have some knowledge on giving directions already and that is a good thing.

Do you know how to interpret the response though? I am sure if you asked someone in Germany how to get to a certain location, and they spitted out an answer really fast, you would be left clueless. I am going to give you a little pointer here. Do not make things complicated for yourself.

If you stick to the basics you should be ok. What I mean by this is, just ask questions that require simple answers. You want answers that will use the words left, right, back, forward and so on. You would not want to ask something that gives you a paragraph for a response. Keep your German simple and you will enjoy it more.

I hope this gives you some sort of insight into German and makes things a little clearer. Learning a second language is a beautiful thing. There is so much opportunity for someone who is bilingual.

Just think of the advantage you would have in a business world, if there were two candidates, and the only thing seperating the both of you, was your knowledge of a foreign language.

2006 -- Adrian Barrett helps people speak German. Please visit his website for more information on german adverbs.

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