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Online Dating Advice How to Avoid The Pitfalls

In a recent Pew Internet and American Life Project analysis it is estimated that 16 million Americans have used used an online dating web site. With the new technologies and familiarity this number is only going to grow. But there is another set of numbers which should be of great concern to you as well as the online dating industry. Twenty nine percent of those who did participate reported having a negative experience. For an an industry that is still fairly new that is a significantly high number. Nobody can predict with any certainty what will happen when two people get together.

Sometimes dating online does not translate into the face to face world for whatever reason. However it can also come down to a lack of doing, your homework. When love, emotions and romance are involved, it is easy to get swept away by the great moments you two maybe sharing instead of taking a step back and doing some critical thinking.

While no one can tell case by case why many people reported having a negative experience, it is probably safe to say that lack of serious analyzing may well have played a role in some instances. You are not a psychiatrist but when it comes to finding the right partner in cyber space you do need to take certain things into consideration. 1. Why the Anger? Most of the time when you chat online with the other person, it is peaches and crème.

Everything feels so right. But once in a blue moon, something seems to set them off. Once it's over, you both go back to having a great time. Due some indepth investigation on this one. Every last one of us is flawed but you still need to figure out why this is happening. If it is over something trivial then there is the distinct possibility it will fully manifest itself in matters of greater importance.

2. They will get back to you You ask them a simple and direct question about a certain topic. Their answer would make a politician proud the way they duck, dodge and segue into a new subject. Why? If they feel you are getting a little too personal than they should have no qualms about telling you so. It would even help the situation if they at least gave you a sense of why they do not want to answer. But consistently refusing to address your questions does not give them an air of mystery; the only thing to conclude is they are being less than truthful.

3. We have got to do this NOW! After a few online chats, you are curious to meet the other person but still want to take it at a deliberate pace. They on the other hand want to meet you right now. Also whether it is your personal or travel information, they keep pressing you for more and more of it. The funny part is when you suggest a phone conversation, they aggressively refuse.

What's going on here? No matter how much you two have hit it off, your instinct should be going off like a security alarm. Meeting a new person and trying to figure out if there is a relationship in the making always carries a certain amount of risk. As far as online dating goes it is best to take it slow and let your instinct be your guide.

Start doing some critical analysis of the other person and let your instincts play a major role in your final decision.

Article written by Daryl Campbell. Internet dating online can be a great place to meet that special someone but before jumping into cyberspace learn the 5 Questions You Must Ask before going online dating at The Relationship Tip

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