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Lover VS Provider

Let me start off with saying a provider is who you do not want to be in your life. A provider is someone who gives a woman everything she wants and worst of all this is when a woman expects everything she wants in life. Women stay with men who are providers because it is safe and they know that they will not go anywhere, it's safe and secure. Though if you are a provider, women WILL CHEAT on you because they want those feelings and emotions that a lover is going to give them. How do you portray yourself as a provider and not a lover? That is simple, take a woman out to dinner on the first date, buy her a ring or jewelry too soon, and buy her roses too often so it gets to the point of unattractive. That is just some of the ways to convey that you are a provider instead of a lover.

A lover understands that they need to push those buttons inside of a woman to create attraction and build it, whereas the provider does not understand this. The provider goes by what he has been taught throughout his life "treat a woman like a princess and give her everything she wants." So if you want to know why women cheat on those men who say "but I gave you everything, everything you wanted I gave you" ?it is simply because the attraction died because they were too caught up in giving the woman what she wants instead of building that attraction and being the lover. You need to learn how to be the provider and the lover but more so on the lover's side because it's what women WANT you to be. If you understand how to build attraction and anticipation, a woman will be the way you want her to be. Don't always pay for things and give to the woman either because it will offend her or if you do this with your friends it will offend them as well.

Learn to receive as well as give, though always give more in life. It is not your role to control a woman's life and this is what most men get confused about. The more you pay for women and the more you insist you pay for everything leads to you making the decisions for her, when you should be encouraging her to be independent and in control of her own life. The more you encourage women to be independent the more you convey that you do not need a woman in your life to make it any better and thus making them far more attracted to you.

Most men act as if the woman in their life is the most important, scarce thing in the world and they have to do everything for her to keep her. Don't fall into this trap of being a provider because it will only hurt you in the long run because your wife or girlfriend will have those desires and needs for a lover and if you are not giving it to her somebody else will. Over time men seem to forget what they have and lose appreciation for what they have and this also works with women as well.

Over time people seem to think that once they have gotten what they want that they don't have to do anything to keep it. ANYTHING you do not use in life you lose. Does it not make sense that 10 years of a relationship it would be better and not worse? A lot of people go to the opposite extreme and with the divorce rate. So be that lover at the start to the end, as well as a provider but make sure you don't stop being that lover. It takes time and effort but in the end, it is far worth the results.

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