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Homeschooling your child using theme-based learning is a fun way to teach and learn. You can involve your child as you brainstorm a them from virtually any topic your child shows an interest in. Young children might prefer themes around things like apples, the zoo, birds, stars, or a favorite author. Whenever you tailor your homeschool lesson plans around a theme, learning becomes a lot more fun and creative. When you're basing homeschool lesson plans around a theme unit, one of the other things you'll need to decide is how much time you'll need to cover that particular theme. You could spend anywhere from a week to a month on the theme, depending on how much your child wants to learn the content.

I suggest spending only two weeks at most on one theme. Integrating themes into homeschool lesson plans is not very difficult. You will also realize how much fun you and your child can have by basing all the learning around one theme. You don't actually have to integrate all subject matter into a single thematic unit. In fact, you don't even need to do theme-based learning all the time when coming up with your homeschool lesson plans. Getting your child involved in the planning process is another important idea to keep in mind.

Encourage your child to choose some lesson themes. Giving children choices usually enhances interest in what you are trying to teach. I think it is important to have your child involved as much as possible in all areas of lesson plan preparation.

Let's go over an example as to how you would build on themes in your homeschooling lesson plans. Take, for example, using apples for your thematic unit. You could have a lesson on how apples grow as part of a science lesson. We could work on fractions by dividing the apple into various slices. We could learn about Johnny Appleseed in Social Studies. We could even read all sorts of books about apples and write a paragraph about apples in Language Arts.

It gets even more fun: We can take those apple slices from the math lesson and transform them into stamps for the art lesson. We could sing songs that have apples in the lyrics. We could conclude it all with a cooking lesson, teaching your child how to make applesauce or apple bread. The important thing to remember when you're putting together theme-based homeschool lesson plans is to use your child's interests. You'll make learning even more enjoyable when you use thematic units to enhance the curriculum you already have planned.

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