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For those old enough to recall America when it upheld a certain degree of 'moral standards' there were things that, even in Hollywood, were best kept in the 'closet'. There were always scandals, rumors and gossip but no one outwardly discussed their 'sexual preference' and going to prison was, well, just not a good thing. Did anyone need to know that Tyrone Power was bisexual? Who's business was it regarding the personal life of Errol Flynn? Glamour and role models still existed and romance was triggered for the imagination which, actually, is a whole lot sexier than seeing every actress alive nude.

How many more breasts do we need to pay to see? I really want to know why 'Playboy' is the landing role for the many aspiring no-talent actresses? Wow, takes a lot of brains, girls. Another question I have to ask is why on earth are hard-core porn stars considered 'businesswomen'. A few years back, I had seen Jenna Jameson on a mainstream talk show promoting her new line of products -- not make-up or perfume. Do I really want my child, or any other children for that matter, to look up to Jenna? There is nothing creative or imaginative about Jenna and, actually, I feel very sorry for her despite her millions. So she likes sex -- great, Jenna, but does the whole world need to know about that? Now Jenna, if you were promoting a business that actually took brains, hey, you might have caught my attention but, come on. By the way, if Jenna happens by this article and decides to sue me, great, because I have wanted to have a little 'motherly chat' with her for a very long time anyway.

The irony with Jenna and her like is that I know of many legitimate businesswomen who genuinely want to help people but are ignored by the media. One such person who comes to mind is Sandra Shelton and her business Strengthbank (if you have time, look up her website --quite informative). Ms.

Shelton's mission is all about giving a purpose to high school kids purely, with dignity and, sorry, God focused but I guess that's the darn problem -- not very newsworthy and, besides, who really has the time to teach these kids? Let's face it, the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan is what makes news despite their self-destructive behavior. Is it really that difficult to understand why so much of our youth is confused and 'sleep walking' through life? We are not really allowed to offer them a strong foundation, not in the schools anyway. Not allowed. mmm. Well, if anyone is interested, again, check out Sandra Shelton's Strengthbank program. Flash back to 1949: "(Ingrid) Bergman's personal and professional life went into a tailspin in 1949 after she left her husband, Dr.

Peter Lindstrom, for Italian director Roberto Rossellini. She married Rossellini. a union which produced three children and six films of varying artistic merit, beginning with Stromboli (1950). The international scandal tarnished her innocent image and, extraordinarily. led to her being barred from American films for 7 years.

" Poor Ingrid, barred from America for seven years because of having a relationship with a man; what must she have thought if she had lived to witness Brittney Spears and the Madonna french-kissing on public television for the sake of 'positive publicity'. Hey, anything goes and there's just no such thing as bad publicity. . . is there? Even crime has gone down the tubes. Years ago, when gangsters and robbers still knew who the 'Boss-Man' was, they never ever desecrated or robbed any religious buildings or articles no matter how gruesome or dirty the crime was.

Today, God isn't even allowed in America anymore and, God forbid you put a nativity in many public places -- it won't be long until Christians will have to go into hiding to share their faith. I am preparing to put together a few press releases for some of my clients this week and I am going to run one for myself. Gay parades are really old hat and the atheists really have too much time on their hands so guess what I'm going to prepare? You guessed it: a heterosexual parade geared for people who value morals and honor God (perhaps in NY on Broadway? -- too edgy?). I'm still thinking of a hook but it might have something to do with protecting the rights and safety of our children as well; I don't know, something really, really racy but please stay tuned for the date, this ought to be a doozy. Naive? Who me? Hardly, but I am not even fifty and yet have sadly witnessed our incredible country rapidly go down the tubes. A client I am working with recently made a statement to me that, at first, startled me.

Speaking about the Holocaust, he disagreed that Hitler was at fault but rather all the millions of people who followed him and allowed this mad-man to take over and that is exactly who is at fault here in America. We, the people, are at fault. We sit complacently complaining about this and that yet do nothing. Another election is coming up and we better do our homework which leads me to plug yet another incredible woman / author I have worked with: Dr. Amaal Tokars and her book, "America & Iraq: Seduced by Fear" (her info can be found at the website seducedbyfear).

Part of her mission is for people to become truly informed and to get involved for it is only we the people of the United States of America who can change the path we are on. Enough said right now. I am not a writer, so please don't contact me with any grammatical errors; I am an artist and 'feel the need to be heard' just like Sean Penn, George Clooney and, yeah, Barbra Streisand. I shall blame the reason of this article on a creative temperament and, hopefully, will be able to get away with it. I do know one thing and that is that I often visualize the Lord watching our country from afar weeping deeply as He witnesses our decay. He really wants to help us, but we have shut Him out.

Does anyone have the nerve to invite Him back and bring order to our country and our people? Anyone?.

Judi Lynn Lake successfully runs her own advertising agency which handles everything from logos, branding, videos and websites while continues to work closely with self-published authors from design to promotion. To learn more visit

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