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Ballet Slippers Are Not Just For Ballerinas Anymore

Ballet dancers love their ballet slippers, but so do many people in the general public. Ballet slippers are comfortable because they feel like part of your body instead of a shoe. Many people do not understand that the true ballet shoe requires a special fit and cannot be purchased just anywhere. By taking the time and money to get the perfect fit initially the wearer is sure to enjoy it much more. This fit is imperative to a dancer's feet, whether they are just starting their first class or have been dancing for 20 years.

There are two main types of ballet shoes, the flat ballet slipper and the pointe ballet shoe. These are some of the most comfortable slippers in the world. This is the ballet slipper that is used when a person is just starting ballet or during practices.

Even experienced dancers do not use the pointe ballet shoes all the time, and quite often they can be found in their trusted ballet slippers. The flat ballet slipper is usually made of leather so that it can feel almost like they are part of the body. This type of fit creates the comfort, keeps dancers feet safe, and movements correct. The pointe ballet shoe has come a long way in many recent years to alleviate possible injuries, however the front of the shoe is still blocked and hard to withstand the weight and protect the dancers, and requires years of ballet knowledge. Therefore, pointe ballet shoes should never be worn by someone who is not a dancer and does not understand their use. They can lead to injured ankles, feet, toes, and can be very uncomfortable The first time ballet slippers are purchased go to a local dance supply store to be fitted correctly.

The online stores can be used from that point on, but the initial time should be at an actual location that is knowledgeable in how the ballet slippers should fit. Make sure the salesperson can explain how the shoe should fit and feel while the ballet slipper is being tried on. Knowing the proper fitting technique allows the wearer to have extreme comfort and flexibility. If the purchase is made at a regular shoe store, keep in mind that the ballet slipper should fit snuggly, but not tight.

It should move with the foot and feel natural. If it does not, then the fit is not correct. The dainty ballet slippers are quite often used by brides, bridesmaids, girls going to the prom, or other special occasions. The comfort of the ballet slipper allows them to enjoy themselves more and still looks elegant.

Ballet slippers can be found in a variety of colors to go with any occasion. They are not just for dancing anymore.

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