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An Article on Colleges Offering Microbiology Course

It is true to say that today there is no dearth of institutions that offer microbiology courses but the major concern lies in the fact that only certain of them could actually justify the course purview and its unfathomed dimensions. Poles apart is Hindustan Academy of Education Research & Training (HAERT), Greater Noida India an eminent foundation by the Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI) which has earned considerable name due to its distinctive approach towards the subject of microbiology course and training a host of microbiology aspirants. Hindustan Academy of Education Research and Training (HAERT), Greater Noida India, is one of the college Offering Microbiology Course in India. Initiated in the year 2005, HAERT soon acquired approval from AICTE, Ministry of HRD, India. This shows the status of the institute in terms of the quality of the courses that are successfully rolling till date.

Bachelors programme in microbiology course occupies a total of 60 seats & 120 seats in Biotechnology Courses. However, this low number of seats is willingly maintained keeping in account a healthy student-teacher ratio. Each student is ensured to have complete attention that ultimately determines the success proportion of the students as professionals. The infrastructural setup is absolutely in line with international parameters so as to make the students thoroughly at par with global standards. To realise this objective, HAERT is consistently involved in upgrading facilities to the optimum capacity.

As microbiology is a subject that offers tremendous potential for research, a proficiently set-up laboratory is managed in consultation with foreign microbiology lab experts to provide the students with technologically advanced equipment and other lab essentials. Also that microbiology course is a developing field, it frequently throws open novel findings every single day. To keep abreast current updates and be well-versed with international know-how of the subject, a comprehensive collection of books, journals, thesis, research papers too are splendidly available in the state-of-the-art library as well as finely-networked computer room adds up to the convenience of information availablability of the students.

The prolific campus includes well-furnished separate hostels for boys and girls, transport facility to commute in the Delhi and NCR regions when required and 24x7 medical facilities in the in-house multi-speciality Sharda Hospital. The premise also thrives with well-equipped gymnasium and sports venue. However, all these provision is backed by regular seminars, discussion boards, panel visit of industry experts, practical training sessions and workshops. This is not only to emphasise the quality of the institute but also to successfully churn out quality output in the form of enriched professionals in the arena of microbiology. For more details about the faculty and eligibility criteria for MicroBiology and Biotechnology Courses in India, browse www.

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