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Lamberts Genuine Antique Glass

Antique GlassGenuine Lamberts Antique Glass, made in the mouthblown method, is the finest example of the successfull continuation of the centuries old glass making tradition.
The brilliance, variety and structure of these precious sheet glasses can only be obtained through this production method. The technical expertise and skill acquired over Glashuette Lamberts years of experiencce assure the consistently high standard of its production.

Characteristic features of Genuine Antique Glass are the pronounced yet subtle structure (Hobel) and the small round, sometime oval bubbles or seeds. Exposed to light, these Genuine Antique Glasses display their inimitable transparency, brilliance and body. There is no substitute to Lamberts glass for application in art glass, church or secular windows. This is the reason why Genuine Lamberts Antique Glasses decorate so many windows around the world. Churches, mosques, banks, government and office buildings as well as private homes are beautfied by the magnificent play of color within these glasses. The conscientious, meticulous care given individual projects assure solutions to most demanding requirements. The practically unlimitend color selection combined with the various glass types fulfill every wish.

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